Bloody West: Infamous Legends




Establish a town in the Wild West


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Bloody West: Infamous Legends is an RTS that challenges you to establish a town in the Wild West. But, it won’t be easy. Your job is to protect and feed all your citizens as well as defend them from outlaws' attacks.

If you want your town to work properly, you have to build a bunch of different buildings. You'll need a town hall, a sheriff's office, a hotel, a saloon, a small hospital, and much more. You can also raise the level of the different buildings in your town. In fact, you need to raise the level of a lot of the buildings in order to complete some of the missions in the game.

A huge part of Bloody West: Infamous Legends is about defending your town from outlaws that attack it. And to do that, you need to hire bailiffs that can help the sheriff fight criminals. You can even battle in different points of the map to earn rewards.

Bloody West: Infamous Legends is a super entertaining strategy based game that has great visuals and a super interesting setting. Also, the battling system is simple which makes it even more fun.

Android 4.0.3 or greater is required